• All it takes is one thing.

    We are at a point in our way of life here on earth that we cannot go on without making serious changes...or else. With the polar ice caps melting, carbon levels in the ocean rising faster than expected, species becoming extinct at a rate not known since the last great mass extinction 65 million years ago, we are facing a crisis that has implications that are admittedly hard to face. But we have a choice. We have an impact. Human activity is the reason for this crisis and we each can make choices that can reduce our effect and even heal the damage that is underway.

    So please, think about what you do every day - what kinds of fuel you use, how efficient you use those fuels, how things you buy are made, where they come from, do they use plastics?, chemicals that harm the planet? -- and choose an alternative that is sustainable.

    Now, what's at least one thing you can do today?

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